Blogging Rates & FAQ

What Content Do You Produce? 

I write blogs for your website and can help with landing pages or FAQ pages. Most blogs are between 500 and 1000 words, though we can adjust based on your preferences, audience, and budget. 

Blogs can be educational, based on interviews or other material, answer specific questions, or story-like. 

I do not do any social media writing or management as a part of these services. You can use blog content as a part of posts on other platforms, but I will not create additional content for these platforms.

What Are Your Rates?

Individual blogs are $.10 per word with the expectation of one blog per week. 

If you would like more blogs or less blogs, we can discuss how rates may be adjusted. 

Do You Provide Blog Topics?

I do have a list of blog topics that we can pull from. Some may have been used for other clients but can be written as unique content. I am also happy to take topic requests from clients. 

Do You Do All the SEO Work? 

I am not providing full SEO services, but blogs will be written with SEO in mind. Any keyword data you have will be used and I will do some basic research to help determine what could be used in your blogs. Content will be optimized for SEO, but all monitoring and additional website optimization is not a part of my service. 

For any additional questions or if you are interested in discussing services, please get in touch with me using my contact form. 

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