About Sarah

Welcome! My name is Sarah Zoloth, or Sarah Z to make spelling easier! 

As of 2020, I am a newly certified instructor with Birth Boot Camp. I have been awestruck by birth for as long as I can remember. I can recall watching A Baby Story after school every day, and stuffing my Barbies' dresses to make them pregnant. Something about the process has always called to me, and I am so excited to be able to start work in the field. 

I have lived in Atlanta since the summer of 2014 when I graduated from Brandeis University, with degrees in Sociology and Public Health.  By day, I work as a Product Manager at a software company and have recently completed an MBA at Georgia Tech. Through this I've discovered a passion for teaching and am excited to apply those skills to the topic of childbirth education. In addition to my work, I also participate in multiple book clubs, love to play with makeup, and often have long conversations with my cats Arlo and Gus. 

My hope is to use the Birth Boot Camp curriculum to deliver childbirth education in a fun, informative, and empowering way. I look forward to working with a wide variety of parents-to-be, including single women, LGBTQ couples, and young parents.  

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